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About the Rotary Club of Adelaide Central

Welcome from President Eileen

Rotary internationally and locally here in Adelaide has a rich history for doing good. Rotarians are respected for making a difference. And along the way we have fun and make new friends and business acquaintances.

I was recently asked what inspired me to join Rotary.  My response?  We get lost in what we do and it was time for me to be a part of “something bigger than ME!” I wanted to do something that was helping others – I wanted to make a difference.

Over the next year leading into 2024, a primary focus for our team will be getting a 40 foot container filled with hospital equipment from Donations In Kind – another Rotary branch - to Sierra Leone, West Africa. Travelling by container ship it will find its way to Tumbo where there is a hospital being built by one of our newest members “Ibrahim Barry”. The hospital will be known as the Salmana Heart Foundation Hospital. This is Ibrahim’s way of giving back to his community who supported him and his family through a very difficult time of their lives.

We are still growing our SHARE THE CARE project. Our potential through this is to put in excess of $100,000 worth of food and groceries into the homes of families doing it tough.

Rotary Adelaide Central has a lovely ongoing relationship working with Adelaide's Womens and Childrens Hospital. In particular our Books for Babies project which dovetails with one of Rotary International's areas of focus .. Literacy. Once each year on Rotary's Birthday, we present newborns with their first book "Ten Little Fingers, Ten Little Toes". But also for the W&CH, we do other things as well, including purchase of equipment.

Eradicating the disease POLIO from our planet continues to be an international focus for Rotary's 33,000 Clubs. Try to imagine actually eradicating an entire disease from the planet. COVID is our modern day Polio of the early 1900s! Hard to imagine today living in a world free of COVID, but Rotary is close to killing off Polio. Rotary Adelaide Central will continue to do our part. Read More>

Our Youth projects are another focus. We hope to be able to kick start again our RYDA (Rotary Youth Driver Awareness) days, that help to train our kids on how to arrive home again safe and sound.

RYPEN and RYLA are two highly valuable youth Training camps that inspire future leaders and we would like to sponsor some worthy kids into these programs.

Our club projects move and change as the need arises – but always with the focus of meeting Rotary’s aims. YOUR participation could change the shape of Rotary Adelaide Central. That's just how Rotary works. Ideas coming together. It's fun.

If your dream is to “make a difference” I can’t think of a better way than to join us, bring your ideas and experience and feel good at night about your contribution doing good in the world ... either locally in Adelaide or further afield.

I look forward to welcoming you and invite you attend one of our meeting or call me direct on 0413 757 782 if you'd simply like to start with a chat to find out more.


Eileen Fagioli
President : 2023–24