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Rotary Adelaide Central is proud to be supporting the local team building this brand new local community hospital in West Africa, Sierra Leone - Tombo (Tumbu).

Although building this hospital itself is not a project of the Rotary Club of Adelaide Central, it is heartening for our Club members to be regularly updated on its progress and future plans, noting the value of the hospital equipment we have sourced and intend to transport from Australia to Sierra Leone ... our primary part of the overall project.

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getting a 40ft Container of Medical Equipment to Sierra Leone


The Salmana Heart Foundation hospital is under construction in a remote area of Sierra Leone called Tumbu. It’s about 1.5 hours drive south of the Coastal Port Capital of Sierra Leone, Freetown. In context ... this is the equivalent of driving from Adelaide to Victor Harbor.

Tumbu region has very little medical assistance. Hence around 2015, local Adelaide migrant Ibrahim Barrie and his partner decided with their new lives in Australia, they could help disadvantaged people from their Homeland, by building a hospital.

It started with securing a 1 Acre plot of land, giving them flexibility to manage a Staged build.

Stage 1 is a U-Shaped single level construction with room for 30 beds. 10 for women on one side. 10 for Men in the other. 10 for children in the centre.

Due for completion in early to mid 2023, Stage 1 will start with a flat, concrete roof, which will double as a floor, ready for Stage 2, where a second storey can be added as need (and funding) permits, hoping for late 2023. The future plans are to move the Women's and Children's wards to the Top level, and include maternity support and a Laboratory.

Plans for Stage One’s Interim Management running the Hospital will aim to source one permanent Doctor and a casual Doctor, supported by 10 Nurses. A technician will maintain all Equipment; plus a range of Cleaners, Chefs, Stocks controllers, an HR team, and Security personnel.

Ibrahim’s long term aim is to facilitate this for his community and give people basic Medical and Holistic Care.  The aim is for people to pay for their treatment, however at an affordable price. Monies raised will be to cover paying Staff and general running costs, plus contribute to future development of the Hospital structure and services. So effectively, it will be a Private hospital facility operating with Cost Recovery.

By mid 2023, the team are hoping to begin with an Out Patient unit only to work with any common diagnosis and provide referrals for any major complications, with non-major medical patients able to be admitted for a short-term period.

In later stages, the plan is to expand to three separate Buildings of a similar size to Stage 1 & 2, with the hope to also have an Ambulance able to transport patients.

Another key piece of equipment, noting this town’s electricity supply is poor, is the inclusion of a Solar Power system and/or Generator for added redundancy.

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A Walk Through in Jan 2023 of the start of Building Stage 1 of the Tombo Hospital
Ground Level at the Salmana Heart Foundation Hospital - Tumbu, Sierra Leone - Jan 2023 - mixing the concrete and winching it up to pour the floor of the 2nd Level.
Pouring the cement Roof of Stage 1 (and floor of Stage 2) - January 2023