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Rotary Adelaide Central supported Projects

Rotary Youth Program of ENrichment

For young people, aged 14-17

Rotary runs RYPEN annually in South Australia. It is a three-day residential programme (some call it a camp ... but not in tents) that aims to provide opportunities for young people to develop important life-skills, and to assist them to progress their communication and leadership skills through a range of formal and informal activities such as:-                                                                                 

·  Ice-breakers
·  Discussion forums
·  Comedy skits
·  Workshops
·  Small group work
·  Career expos

Personal Development is a major focus

Experienced young facilitators will support and encourage participants in the program to develop their:

·  Public speaking skills
·  Teamwork
·  Beliefs and values
·  Self-care and resilience
·  Problem-solving Skills
·  Communication skills
·  Goal setting

RYPEN’S focus is on assisting young people to become active and valuable members of society, and to develop their abilities as potential leaders.

Key Reasons to Attend

• develop skills that will be invaluable as developing their career and life
• open doors to other Rotary youth programs
• allow you to stand out from the crowd
• give you a network of friends for the rest of your life

RYPEN challenges and test participants as they gain an insight into some of the skills needed to make a success of their lives ... but it is also a lot of fun. As in most things, what they take away from the weekend will probably depend on what they are prepared to contribute.

Participants are required to dedicate themselves for the full duration of the camp. If kids participate in all activities, by showing the best of their leadership skills with a good attitude and open mind, they are guaranteed to get the most out of this camp.

Participants stay in dormitories with multiple people in a room and receive in advance a list of what to bring and what not to bring to RYPEN.

At the seminar there is plenty of supervision with Rotarians on site at all times to help with the weekend. Course presentations are made by leaders in business, our community and academia.


Investing in a child's participation in 2022 is amazing value at only $350.

It is common for Rotary Clubs, Schools, Businesses and even Parents to nominate and sponsor kids into a RYPEN programme. Of note, if nominations exceed places, it remains the decision of Rotary District 9510's committee to assess and choose the successful candidates.

Rotary Adelaide Central is proud to sponsor participants, however, you may also choose to partner with our Club to support another child's participation. Contact us today on 7444 5086 or email