Rotary Club of Adelaide Central Inc Rotary International District 9510 South Australia
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About the Rotary Club of Adelaide Central

We'd LOVE you to Join Rotary in Adelaide

Before reading on about the 'mechanics' of becoming a member of the Rotary Club of Adelaide Central, we also hope you will have a read of our 11 Top Reasons article, which also explains much about the benefits of membership.

We love to welcome members! Male. Female. All ages. All nationalities. Our membership is diverse and that's another thing that makes Rotary fun.

How to Join
We have an online registration form. Very simple to fill in. It asks for a bit of standard info about yourself, and gives you a bit of opportunity to also start to share some information about your interests in Rotary / our community etc. This helps us to work with you to commence your Rotary 'career'. < click here > to go to our Membership Application Form.

Costs of Membership
For the 2022-23 financial year (Rotary year) ... all of our Club members pay a fixed membership fee of $250. This fee helps cover costs of Admin to run Rotary, not only our Club, but at a State and International level.

This fee also includes a component for Insurance! Rotary is renowned for protecting its members very well while they are working on Rotary projects / fundraisers.

Plus, we have a national magazine subscription called Rotary Down Under which publishes monthly. It's a good read, keeping Rotarians up-to-date on what's happening around Australia in different Clubs. This subscription too is included within the $250 fee.

Flexibility of Payment of Membership Fees
Some members choose to pay their membership fees Annually in one lump sum. Others choose to break it into two halves. No problems with us either way.

We do ask our members to ensure their fees are paid no later than 30 June or 31 December, as our Club has commitments on the next day to pay the other providers mentioned above.

Likewise, if a member chooses to cease membership, they need to do so by these dates, to ensure they do not end up having to pay for another 6 months.

Once Only Joining Fee
When first becoming a member of Rotary, we do have a separate joining fee of $60. This fee covers Out-of-Pocket costs to prepare joining items, such as your Rotary Name badge, certificates and other collateral.

Annual Membership Renewals
Usually around April each year, our Treasurer will send out a Membership renewal invoice to each member for $250. This is to give each member a couple of months for budgeting purposes and to 100% confirm they will be remaining a member after the 30 June deadline.

Payment Options
Rotary Adelaide Central appreciate members who simply EFT payments through to our Club Bank Account (details are always on our invoices). However, we do offer tap and go payment options for people wishing to pay using a VISA / Mastercard while at a Club meeting.

For those choosing to pay by EFT, we always ask that you include clear details about Who is paying and What you are paying for. This helps our Treasurer ensure they identify accurately that your payment needs to be marked off against your membership.

We welcome any questions. We probably forgot to say something above.
Give us a call for a quick answer:-

Bill Marles - President 2022/23 - 0410 523 106 -

Eileen Fagioli - President Elect 2023/24 - 0413 757 782