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The Rotary Club of Adelaide Central starts 2024 with oustanding news: our Club's 40 foot shipping container filled with approximately AU$600,000 of repurposed hospital and medical equipment:-

  • Safely arrived in Freetown, Sierra Leone, West Africa
  • Was passed through customs and loaded onto a truck
  • Successfully made the 1.5 hour drive south to Tombo
  • Was opened and the contents found to be 100% in good condition
  • Was unloaded by locals into their new Community Hospital

The local Tombo community has been working feverishly to finalise stage 1 of their new local hospital and now turn their attention to external infrastructure to pave and build safe access into the facility.

PHOTOS and VIDEOS on this page from January 2024 show how quickly everything is moving forward, with our 40 foot container of Hospital Equipment now unloaded.

IMMEDIATE HELP is needed for a couple key items that will make the Hospital self sufficient and sustainable for many years to come:-

1) A WATER PUMP (valued at AU$1,500) is needed to connect to an existing well to draw fresh water to supply the hospital and locals.

2) A GENERATOR (valued at AU$2,500) is needed to ensure consistent electricity supply, noting that Sierra Leone's power grid (particularly in the Tombo region) is very unreliable. It is common that the power is off for more hours of the day than it is operational.

The Rotary Club of Adelaide Central members are now turning our attention to funding these key necessities.

If you are able to support Rotary in our quest to support this isolated community, your Tax Deductible Donation will greatly appreciated through our Club's official Rotary Australia World Community Service (RAWCS) project:
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Our Club's initial Project focus
Preparing the 40ft Shipping Container of Medical and Hospital equipment

Packing the Container
  Showing progress in late 2023 getting it together to Freight to West Africa

Salmana Heart Foundation Hospital
  Info about the Facility our Container of Equipment will support



Locals in Tombo go down into the well every day, to receive the buckets with cement powder, to add the right amount of water, for it to be hoisted back to ground level to cotinue the build. This is why we need to source them a Water Pump urgently.
Jan 2024 - Video walk through of the Salmana Heart Foundation Hospital in Tombo, Sierra Leone - showing preparations for opening day, with our 40ft container of Hospital and Medical Equipment set-up.